Marina di Campo is ideal for families, thanks to its beach: it is the longest of the Island (it has got a strand that stretches up to 1300 metres), its sea bed declines gently and allows a 50 metre walk offshore in the shallow water. What is more, it is safe for children, dogs and those who love playing rackets and beach soccer.

Along the strand, there is plenty of free beaches as well as beach clubs with bars and restaurants, open at dinner time. This is the perfect place to have an Italian aperitif at sunset or a fish-based dinner.

Marina di Campo is a place that suits perfectly sportspersons, as there is a diving centre, a sailing club, a surfing club that rents windsurfs. There can be hired also boats, dinghies and pedalos as well as kayaks, with the possibility of a guided tour, and a lot more is offered to bathers.

The village is located just behind the coastline and immediately behind the beach there is a path that reaches the centre of the village. The pedestrian area and the little harbour are full of different shops and in the centre of the village there is plenty of restaurants and clubs and stands with itinerant artists and good music may often be found.

For those who love to dance and stay out late there are two of the most famous clubs of the Island in Marina di Campo area: Tinello, with two inner rooms, a bar and live music, an open space with a dancefloor and an American bar; Giannino, a historical club open from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. with live music every night. In the close nearby, it is also located the famous Club 64.

Marina di Campo is located in a strategic position that make it easy for our guests to visit other villages characteristic of the Island: Marciana Marina, Capoliveri and Porto Azzuro are areas worth a visit because Elba Island boasts multiple villages each and every single one of them different from the other and with its own peculiarities.

Our building is located in the close nearby of a quiet airport, in the middle of a plain that links the Northern to the Southern part of the Island. The most famous beaches are at a few minutes driving. In the Southern part of the Island there are Marina di Campo, Cavoli and Fetovaia and in the Northern part Marciana, Prochio and La Biodola gulfs. These beaches are partially free and partially with beach clubs.