At Aviotel guests’ disposal, a more than 200 square meters bright hall with stage, professional light and audio system and air conditioning. Suitable for meetings, private and/or dancing parties, exhibitions, ceremonies, personalized events, thematic holidays and business meetings.


In Summer, the hall is at disposal of the Residence guests who can find there billiard table, table football, table tennis, TV room, small game tables and a corner for babies with fluffy colored mats and cushions to jump and play safely.

The available space, the easy personalization for thematic events, the proximity to sea and restaurant let the hall be a focus point for thematic holidays or sports, recreational, business activities of all kinds (yoga classes, business conventions, summer thematic stays, dance classes etc).

Thanks to the proximity to the restaurant, it is possible to organize dinners with music or dance entertainment also in less warm seasons ad for big groups.

During the other months of the year the hall is used as dance hall for periodical dancing evenings (ballroom dancing, Argentine Tango Milongas, Caribbean dance) or offered classes of all kinds of dance with expert teachers from many Italian schools.



Argentine Tango Milonga

For many years, and still today, the big hall and the garden in front of it have been the seat of the only Argentine Tango Milonga of Isola d’Elba.

At least once per week (in high season even more) Argentine Tango dancers of Elba meet in the Milonga of Aviotel to abandon themselves to the most sensual dance sharing their passion with the tourists and the Aviotel guests.

For guests of Aviotel, the Milonga is always free; moreover, Tango dancers can enjoy special prices for staying in the Residence in occasion of the various Tango events, that over the last years have increased on the Island and many of which organized in the Aviotel Milonga,

The Milonga hall, with stage and professional light and audio system, with wide mirror walls, with equipped garden, is perfect to organize dance training courses even with more teachers at the same time.

Not by chance, as a matter of fact, Aviotel hosts schools of Argentine Tango arranging weekly and end of week-training course  allowing the “students” to improve their dance techniques, also enjoying, in free time, Isola d’Elba with its beauties and its mild climate for most of the year. Stage days always end with evening Tango Milongas also open to other pass dancers of Elba and Tango lovers.

For 2016 on the Island the following events of Argentine Tango have already been organized:

29th March – 3rd April 2016: Tango Holiday with Emilie & Pablo Tegli and their Parisian students - www.pabloemilieteglitango.com/#!/c18mr -

(for participants special 10% discount on the Aviotel stay)

25th June – 3rd July 2016: Elba World Tango Festival - www.tangoelba.it

(for participants special 15% discount on the Aviotel stay)